Week 13: Timeout

I think we forget the power of taking the timeout to spend recharging our batteries… it is not always easy to do and it requires commitment… especially in modern day living with all our smart devices and technology.

I have loved these past few days where I have been able to switch off and reconnect with Mandy again and remember what it is that I am wanting out of life again… so I will be rewriting my DMP and getting myself realigned with my MKMMA journey.


you have to stand still to move forward… so I am standing still and enjoying the moment.

Have a blessed week special people…



4 thoughts on “Week 13: Timeout

  1. Mandy, I do know that in the hustle and bustle of everyday life while doing our exercises can be a lot of work. I made a schedule which helps me stay on better track and remain committed because I work a full-time job and I’m a Travel Agent part-time too. I look forward to the sit and peace time I make time for myself before I go to bed. I even sleep better. So, be encouraged and persevere, you can do this! Happy New Years!


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