Week: 14 ~ Thoughts


I found this beautiful post on Dr Wayne Dyers Facebook Page about thoughts & I thought it was worth sharing… I love the analogy of them being energy.

What you focus on GROWS… We need to be mindful of what we are feeding our minds and souls on a daily basis… everything that you watch, read and focus on becomes the canvas for your reality… The choice is yours…..



Week 13: Timeout

I think we forget the power of taking the timeout to spend recharging our batteries… it is not always easy to do and it requires commitment… especially in modern day living with all our smart devices and technology.

I have loved these past few days where I have been able to switch off and reconnect with Mandy again and remember what it is that I am wanting out of life again… so I will be rewriting my DMP and getting myself realigned with my MKMMA journey.


you have to stand still to move forward… so I am standing still and enjoying the moment.

Have a blessed week special people…


Week 11: I am still here…

So I have been battling with my old blue print over the last month and I was very close to not continuing my MKMMA journey, something that I have been waiting for ages to do.

Along with my old blue print, the world within has created a few external circumstances that have added to making things a tad bit more challenging…. such as finances and my ability to connect to the internet… BUT I have recommitted and I am here… & it feels AWESOME!

I do not have all the solutions BUT I know that I want to complete this journey and I have absolute faith that my dreams are on their way to me…

I believe in me & I will persist!


Week 10: Chugging Along…


I will persist until I succeed…

I am not out of the woods yet…  & I have come close to quitting a few times, but this little picture is my motivation….

I have also had huge internet connectivity problems which has been one of my biggest challenges as I have not been able to keep up with all of the projects, tasks and webinars…. BUT we are in the process of sorting this out which will make my journey so much easier & cheaper, as my internet fees have been astronomical!

On the positive side my business is starting to take off… so excited!
My DMP is on its way to me!!!!

See you all next week,


Week 9: My Guide to the Rescue…


So I decided to contact my guide on Sunday Night to ask for help, something that I am not very good at doing, as according to my very stern, must get everything right Old Blue Print to ask for help is to show weakness, as I have always had to be strong and have my ducks in a row and do everything 110% right.
So you can only imagine the chaos that started to erupt in my internal world when I started to lose grip on certain tasks, it felt like my entire MKMMA experience had slipped through my fingers and because I was not getting it ALL right, I was about 5 steps from giving up… something that I am also totally against… which is probably my saving grace as it is what made me contact Luc for help.

Let me also tell you that if you still do not believe that your internal world creates your external world, my last 2 weeks are testimony to the fact that it does. The lack of belief with regards to myself started to seep into all aspects of my life and before I knew it I had manifested circumstances in my external world to validate my internal world.
So at the moment it feels like I have undone all the hard work of the last 6 weeks and I have to start from the beginning again ~ which is OK, as it is better than quitting!

Anyway so all I can say is a HUGE THANK YOU to my guide for taking the time to help me see that it was my old blue print and not me failing… so here’s my action plan.

I promise to….

For the rest of the week I promise to spend time affirming my faith in myself to conquer my old blue print, while affirming my faith in the MKMMA course.

Do my 15min sit EVERY DAY – non negotiable!
Read my DMP out loud 3 x a day with enthusiasm.
Read my BPB out loud Daily (I love this)
Read GS 3 x a day as directed.

Then my other tasks will follow… & I always keep my promises…Mandy

Week 8: Hanging in there


I must be honest and say that the last week on my MKMMA journey has not been the easiest….

Life has thrown a few curve balls… so at the moment I feel like I am hanging on by a thin thread…. but at least I am hanging on….

Tomorrow is another day and a new beginning….

Here’s to week 9….